Client Testimonials

Lourdes German

Tootie did a wonderful job working with my team when I was a director at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy to help them build their public speaking skills. She was dedicated and committed to helping them - nurturing their talents to enable them to become effective and clear communicators of the Lincoln Institute's message. If you engage her to work with you, you will not be disappointed and she will very likely exceed all of your expectations!

Shenmin Liu

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

I was so lucky to have participated Tootie’s Voice and Presence training course two years ago. From the course, I learned that our body was like an instrument and the breath was the key to make our voice more beautiful and powerful. Tootie designed each session delicately, combining the warm-up, techniques and practices together. I still remember all the tools to this day and I still use many of them when I give a public speech, as well as in daily life. Tootie is very kind, enthusiastic and super patient to each student. She’s like a beam of light, people feel warm and bright while getting closer to her. I’m so happy that I not only learned so many useful tools from Tootie’s class but also gained a lifetime friend.

Vivian Liu

Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy

I participated in this PowerSpeak training last year and it was great. I learned some very practical skills, including how to use my body to make better voice, and how to concentrate and relax myself  in order to achieve better performance. Our trainer,, Tootie, she is very nice and professional. She added many practices and games into the training so the training was not boring at all.

Cuiping Tan

Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy

I was so honored to have participated in Tootie's PowerSpeak course last year and learned a lot of skills to communicate with others. Tootie was very enthusiastic, patient, and attentive to her students. She taught repeatedly what the students didn’t understand. The content of the course is very practical and can be used in everyday life.

Helen Wang

Central China Normal University

Tootie let me know my body is a great instrument and she trained me to play it splendidly.  She helped me remove my fear to speak publicly.

Xinrui Shi

Chief of Staff, Office of the President, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

The course empowers me to find the voice I have not discovered before. It was an excellent course which helps you build skills and practice. It has transformed my ability to articulate, present, and communicate with people. I can now speak with clarity and confidence. The instructor, Ms. Tootie Larios McCarthy, is an inspirational teacher who genuinely cares for your growth and will supports you in every way. I highly recommend anyone to take this course, whether it’s for public speaking, for being on the stage, for business presentations, or simply, for anyone who wants to become better at speaking.

My testimonial doesn’t do half of the justice of my multidimensional takeaways from your course. It blows me away and transformed how I thought about speeches. It also made professional delivery of speeches attainable for anyone who wants to learn. Most importantly, the teaching of second circle always empowers me mentally to open up any conversations, even the most difficult ones. Thanks so much for being my teacher!

Jenna DeAngelo

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Tootie gave me some great tools to prepare myself for and execute public speaking engagements, which is one aspect of my job I had always been worried about. I am now able to get relaxed before speaking in public and I have the confidence to take on more public speaking activities.

Luis Quintanilla

Program Analyst, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

The Uncommon Voice program has definitely helped me to develop a more powerful presence as a speaker. I learned not only incredibly useful voice modulation and posture exercises, but also on how to be deeply mindful of people and space to better convey my messages in a clear, compelling way.

Tootie is extremely talented and caring, making sessions always enjoyable, inspiring and enlightening to participants.

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