The Uncommon Voice

The Uncommon Voice, a subsidiary of Tootuncommon Enterprises, is a platform for empowering others to be heard and understood through informed communication techniques.

Tootie Larios McCarthy is a Registered Rodenburg Teacher (RRT), completing the Master Teacher Certification Program in the inaugural 2016 class at the Patsy Rodenburg Center for Voice and Speech in New York.

As a Registered Rodenburg Teacher, she has collected tools, exercises and practices that help students to communicate more effectively. These include methods for identifying both speaking strengths and weaknesses and finding the right tools and practices to overcome the latter. The tools work with breath and body to generate the mental focus needed to establish one’s “presence.”

Unique to The Uncommon Voice is PowerSpeak™, a one-week intensive personal and professional development opportunity consisting of voice and body work designed to help the individual enhance communication skills.

Tootie has adapted Voice and Speech techniques to empower the unique voices of her students and clients at The Uncommon Voice studio in Massachusetts through private and semi-private sessions.

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